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What are the most common complications of pregnancy?

Some women experience health problems while pregnant. These problems can harm the mother's health, the fetus's health, or both. Even women who were in excellent health before becoming pregnant may face challenges.

The pregnancy may be characterized as a high-risk pregnancy as a result of these issues.Obtaining early and continuous prenatal care can help lower the risk of complications by allowing health care providers to diagnose, treat, or control problems before they become serious. Prenatal care can also help diagnose mental health disorders associated with pregnancy, such as anxiety and depression.

MultispecialityGynae Clinic in Chandigarh, shares the list that includes some of the most common pregnancy issues, but it is not comprehensive.

  • High blood pressure

High blood pressure often known as hypertension, develops as the arteries transporting blood from the heart to the body's organs narrow. As a result, the pressure in the arteries rises. Blood flow to the placenta, which provides nutrients and oxygen to the fetus throughout pregnancy, maybe hampered as a result. A delayed fetus' growth can put the mother at danger for premature labor and preeclampsia if the mother's blood supply is cut off.

  • Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes develops when a woman who did not have diabetes before pregnancy acquires it while pregnant.Parts of your diet are normally digested into a sugar called glucose by your body. After digestion, glucose enters your bloodstream and provides energy to your body.

Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas that transports glucose out of the blood to your body's cells. Gestational diabetes is caused by hormonal changes that lead the body to either not produce enough insulin or not utilize it appropriately. Instead, glucose builds up in your blood, leading to diabetes, often referred to as high blood sugar.

  • Miscarriages

The term "miscarriage" refers to a pregnancy loss that occurs before 20 weeks due to natural reasons. Symptoms include vaginal spotting or bleeding, cramping, and fluid or tissue flowing from the vagina. Vaginal bleeding, on the other hand, does not always signal that a miscarriage is about to happen. Women should contact their doctor if they notice this symptom at any point during their pregnancy.

While these illnesses may differ, there is one thing they all have in common: regular prenatal (and even preconception) treatment. Preconception consultations are recommended for women to examine their alternatives for minimizing their risks.One of the Top Gynae Clinic in Chandigarh suggests that the best thing you can do for your baby is to be healthy before you get pregnant.

Published on: 28-03-2022