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Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special and momentous period in a woman’s life and even more important is the first trimester i.e. the initial stage. The initial stage of pregnancy is a period that starts from the first day of a pregnant woman’s last period and lasts for 12 weeks. If you are in your first trimester, it is recommended that you schedule your prenatal visit to your gynaecologist and get the best advice in order to have a healthy first trimester, and thus, a healthy pregnancy.

Throughout the initial stage, a woman’s body shows numerous changes. The development of organs in the baby’s body starts during this period. Don’t be troubled if you experience symptoms like fatigue and nausea along with breast tenderness as these changes are quite common during the initial stages. They will subside on their own with some passage of time.

Here we have important dos and don’ts for pregnancy by the best Gynaecologist in Mohali.

Do’s and Don’ts:

For your initial stage to be healthy, you need to take certain precautions. These are listed below:


Supplements: It’s healthy to take essential supplements like calcium, folic acid, vitamin D, magnesium, probiotics, fish oil etc. as they fulfil the nutrition requirements for both the mother and the baby.

Rest: Fatigue is commonly experienced which makes it all the more important for you to take timely rest.

Food: The food you eat during the initial stage of your pregnancy must be really healthy. Your diet should have fresh leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, fish and seafood, dairy items like yoghurt, chickpeas, lentils, eggs etc. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated all through the day.

Exercise: Although you are advised to rest, however, light exercising is also important.


Stress: Don’t indulge yourself in things that will make you stressed. It is also advised to keep away from work.

Weight: Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely necessary. Consult your gynaecologists to know more about the amount of weight you need to gain and how you can gain it.

Alcohol: Keep away from alcohol as it’s highly unsafe for the baby.

Smoking: Smoking is extremely harmful to your baby. They pass through your bloodstream and reach your baby’s body and can even cause birth defects. Hence, it is advisable to not smoke during your pregnancy.

Foods to avoid: Foods like soft cheese, unpasteurised dairy and processed food items should be avoided during pregnancy.

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Published on: 26-10-2021