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4 tips to stay fit during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of those joyous phases that every would-be mother cherishes. However, staying fit and being healthy is not always easy. Morning sickness, fatigue, and back pain can make it extremely difficult to find any motivation for exercise or gym. But, the numerous benefits of remaining healthy during pregnancy cannot be overlooked. Apart from assisting in easy labor, it also gives an energy boost to you. In order to stay fit during pregnancy, you can seek suggestions from Dr.Sadhbhavna Clinic, the best multispeciality gynae clinic in Chandigarh.

4 ways to remain healthy and fit during pregnancy

Staying fit during pregnancy is no doubt hard. It will require extra effort and disciple on your part. That is why you need to opt for tactics that will keep you motivated during these long months.

Set up a plan

In order to stay fit during pregnancy, you need to set up an exercise routine. Failing to do that will result in failing to exercise. Now, there are some myths that suggest that exercising is bad for pregnant women. If you are healthy and there are no complications, you can do exercises. You can try walking, yoga, jogging, swimming, etc. Having a plan will prevent you from getting lazy.

Know what to eat

It is true that when pregnancy cravings hit, there is nothing that you can do about it. However, it is vital to include protein, iron, and fat in your meals for long-term benefits. It is essential to make sure that your body gets the required nutrients and vitamins. Opt for healthier alternatives wherever you can for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Pay attention to your body

Even after medical approval, it is normal to feel hesitant to work out. You don't want to overwhelm yourself and harm the baby in any way. Here, the only thing you can do is pay attention to the little signs that your body gives. For instance, slow down or lower the exercise intensity if you feel something off. In case you feel pains or dizziness, pause and take a break.

Start slow

If you have never done any exercising in your life, start slow. There is no need to strain yourself and tire your body to the point of exhaustion. Start with simple exercises that will give you satisfaction and prevent you from feeling sore. After some time, you can increase the intensity and duration. However, you need to take approval from your doctor before this. For professional consultation, you can visit Dr.Sadhbhavna Clinic.

These are the ways you can stay healthy during pregnancy. Keep in mind that a healthy pregnancy offers a wide range of benefits. To stay fit and healthy, you can take expert tips from Dr.Sadhbhavna Clinic, the best gynaecology clinic in Chandigarh.

Published on: 07-12-2021