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How to Ease Your First Trimester of Pregnancy?

Congratulation! Your gynaecologist has confirmed your pregnancy. So, your roller-coaster ride has just begun with the first trimester of your pregnancy. Now you need to be super careful and take care of many things to ensure a healthy pregnancy. This is a great time to realize this unknown journey. The first trimester is considered the hardest time of pregnancy caused of sudden hormonal changes. Most women experience extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting, tender breast, etc. It is a hard transition, especially for those who are normally go-getters with lots of energy. But it's normal and the signal from your body to slow down and give it time to adjust to the changes.

But you can make things easier through some simple tips as suggested by Dr Sadhbhavna Clinic, the best Multispeciality Gynae Clinic in Chandigarh.

Effective Tips To Survive The First Trimester:

Now take a look at the top tips that will help you survive the first trimester:

  • Morning Sickness:
Nausea or morning sickness is very common during early pregnancy. Studies show that more than 80% of pregnant women experience morning sickness in their early pregnancy. But it is not a good idea to lay in bed all day, instead try some home remedies like ginger tea, lemon drops, healthy snacks, and plenty of water. Make sure you are taking small meals throughout the day. It will help you overcome nausea.

  • Breast Tenderness:
The majority of women experience some soreness in the breast right from the beginning because of the rising hormonal levels preparing your milk ducts to feed your baby. So, it is recommended to wear some comfortable clothes and innerwear that will fit your new body shape.

  • Fatigue:
It is very normal to feel a little extra tired. So, make sure you take naps and rest throughout the day when your body will indicate.

  • Constipation:
It is the more difficult time for your body moving food throughout your system. It is nothing but due to the hormonal changes resulting in constipation, gassiness, and bloating. You can combat this by eating more fiber and drinking plenty of water.

  • Mood Swings:
Changing hormones may cause you to feel sometimes up and sometimes down. But it is recommended not to suppress your emotional outburst, rather it is good to cry and verbally process what you are experiencing.

Dr SadhBhavna Clinic, the best Gynae Clinic in Chandigarh can provide you with the best consultancy and treatment to ensure you a healthy pregnancy.

Published on: 15-07-2022